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Join the Online Grocery Learning Lab for further analyses and more expert insights

A 3-day course to learn about the tech behind the e-grocery craze, and get practical tips for your business
The U.S. Online Grocery Report 2022 is based on a study run by real-time market research provider Appinio and digital commerce platform provider Spryker. It contains the most current data set on the use, brand perception and potential of online grocery shopping in the US. 

Who are we?


U.K. Online Grocery Shopping in 2022 and Beyond

A representative study on UK customer buying behavior, brand perception, and the role of technology

UK representative sample of 2,500 participants
We asked 2,500 consumers about their experiences and opinions of grocery shopping
Most important online shopping trends for 2022
The report provides all trends and backgrounds around food retailing and online grocery shopping
Brought to you by online shopping and research experts
Developed by e-commerce experts and executed with innovative real-time market research

About The Study

The Online Grocery Report from Spryker & Appinio examines how the pandemic has rapidly accelerated widespread online grocery adoption.

Answering the most important questions about Online Grocery

Valued at over £200 billion in 2022, the UK food and grocery sector is one of Europe’s largest and by far its most innovative. Read our comprehensive guide to get insights into the changing behaviour and expectations of grocery shoppers.
How do Brits buy groceries? What are drivers, blockers, and use cases for online groceries? And what will it look like in two years? Get a deep understanding of real consumers’ needs and expectations.
Understanding online grocery potential
These are the hot brands 2022
The brand landscape in UK grocery retailing ranges from young disruptors like Uber Eats or Iceland, to long-established retail leaders such as Tesco and Asda. But how are they received, and when do customers buy from which brands? We asked them.
Implications for
Selling online is easy, creating an exciting online user experience is difficult. We examined the technological details behind the use of e-grocery services, and translated them into strategic business recommendations.
The World of Grocery Shopping is Changing - Surprising Insights from the study
How do you shop for groceries/food?

60% of Brits are buying their groceries online at least sometimes, and almost 20% shop mostly or exclusively online.

The market for online grocery shopping is already large and growing exponentially.

Household food budget distribution: online vs offline

A third of UK households’ food budgets is now spent ordering online, with a clear preference for home delivery (23.7%) over in-store collection (6.6%).

Brand awareness in the market

Established in-store retailers like Tesco (43.1%), Asda (34.5%) and Sainsbury’s (26.5%) lead the way in brand awareness for online grocery services.

Brand perception of U.K. online grocery providers
When British supermarkets and consumers have been early adopters of new concepts such as loyalty card schemes, cashback at supermarket tills, and self-service checkouts, so it's no surprise the big chain supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Waitrose  and Sainsbury's are established online players. The leading UK supermarkets are reaping the benefits of their progressive approach towards their consumer's desire to order online - and setting both their in store competitors and online challengers a high bar.

When asked which providers they would like to see offer more online options, consumers named other in-store retailers that serve locations where the big four aren't present: ALDI, Lidi, M&S, and the Co-op.
Dig deep into insights
By downloading the report you also get access to the entire data set of the whole study

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More and more grocery shopping involves a combination of offline and online buying.

British supermarkets which have prioritised the roll-out of online ordering have been rewarded with high rates of brand recognition.

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