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We asked 2,500 consumers about their experiences and opinions of grocery shopping as well as the role of ready-made meals
Already the second edition of the Germany Report and the lasting consequences of the pandemic are crystal clear
A representative study on UK customer buying behavior, brand perception, and the role of technology

Selection of online grocery reports from different regions

We conduct representative studies around the world to understand the status quo and future potential of online groceries as well as the perception of local brands.

Join the Online Grocery Learning Lab for further analyses and more expert insights

A 3-day course to learn about the tech behind the e-grocery craze, and get practical tips for your business
The U.S. Online Grocery Report 2022 is based on a study run by real-time market research provider Appinio and digital commerce platform provider Spryker. It contains the most current data set on the use, brand perception and potential of online grocery shopping in the US. 

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The latest insights 
on online grocery and 
e-food from around the world

Based on representative studies of real consumers, summarized as actionable implications for practitioners. Indicator and compass of a gigantic industry undergoing structural change.

The latest insights 
on online grocery and e-food from around the world

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United Kingdom
Knuspr CEO Erich Comor – Food Delivery Next Level 

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Ocado Group is a UK-based grocery solutions and logistics business that licenses its technology to grocery retailers around the world. It started as a grocery delivery business, which is still a strong pillar, but now powers a dozen ambitious grocery delivery projects worldwide. In this interview, we discuss the future of grocery delivery, the challenges of most brick and mortar retailers and much more.
Ocado Solution CCO Richar McKenzie – Who will win the grocery delivery game?
Dive deeper into the Online Grocery universe with expert insights from Spryker Co-CEO Alexander Graf and industry thought leaders on Commerce Talks
Re-Inventing (Food) Delivery with Wolt Founder Miki Kuusi
Nobody would have expected another “fight” for food delivery customers in Berlin after the super expansive “the winner takes it all” competition only a few years ago. But here they are – Wolt – a unicorn from Helsinki, operating in over 20 countries with a verticalized delivery approach. They are winning market share with a superior customer experience. How are they able to do it? Will it be profitable? What will be the future of the “inner” city? Find all the answers in the podcast.
In this interview, we dive into one of today’s most interesting topics in the commerce space – food delivery. Currently taking Munich by storm, and with plans to expand throughout Germany, Knuspr is one of the most anticipated services in the country. We spoke to CEO Erich Comor about what makes them different.
The Online Grocery Report from Spryker & Appinio examines how the pandemic has accelerated widespread online grocery adoption.